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Originally Posted by saratoga View Post
I'm confused.

From your bug report:

Which is correct?
The bug report is correct. I made a correction in post 4 to my initial comment about release 3.11.2, which is copied below. Sorry for the confusion.

Copy of Correction Post #4
After more testing with the Rockbox usb on version 3.7, I noticed some occasional disconnect/reconnects. Looks like this was a problem with my usb port. I was using a 4 port USB2.0 hub (only Sansa Fuze V1 connected) at the time, but when I connected to a dedicated PC USB port the Rockbox USB connection was fine. Seems like the 4 port Hub was not supplying enough current.

I retested with version 3.11.2 connected to the dedicated PC USB port and the Sansa FuzeV1 Rockbox USB connection was fine. So please disregard the previous bug report for 3.11.2, it was due to using a 4 port usb Hub.

I also retested the current build (ad46064) connected to the dedicated PC USB port and I still get the appearance of the USB icon, immediately followed by a white screen with Undefined Instruction at 0000003C. So this seems to be a valid bug.

Sorry for any confusion. Hope this clears it up.


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