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I dunno, I was using the i9 without a single effect ('user 1' unconfigured or 'normal' i think) and to my ears it sounded richer.
Remember, i have been using nothing but sansa rockboxed for a over a year now. I have the settings flat eq (don't touch it) and maybe increase decrease the bass at most (most of the time its 0). Then i tried the i9, it to in its natural state and I swear it sounded better. Placebo... anticipation, imagination? maybe i dunno. I guess the only real way would be to blindfold me.
But even then isn't that debate pointless seeing as the cowon DOES have BBE and other tweaks that sansa just doesn't have?
I whacked BBE Viva and tried a couple other effects and it definitely sounded better than anything (tinkering) I have managed on my clip/fuze.
It could be that the clip/fuze is capable of getting close to these stunning sounds, but i for one am not ept enough to achieve this.

I stand by my review, the sound quality is better than sansa :P

(but each to their own hehehe)
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