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Originally Posted by irishzune View Post
thanks, thats pretty old info, was wondering can anyone confirm it still works
Yes. Works using Sansa Clip+ and WMP11. I sync Zune HD, Windows Phone 7 and the Clip. Use Zune software for the Zune devices and WMP for Sansa. Tried on a Creative Zen----also worked.
There are a couple drawbacks, though. You have to convert your playlists from .zpl to .m3u or .pla (I think that's what they are). Otherwise they don't work in WMP. I downloaded a free "Zune to .m3u" converter that does this in less than a second.
You still seem to have the same DRM restrictions as Zune (if you sync to too many devices, WMP appears to "know"). You have to connect your player to the computer every month to update DRM rights. Some have said you have to actually transfer songs to player to update DRM----I have not found that to be the case. Obviously no "Smart DJ" on device, nor Channel support. No artist pictures and bios. You get the music, though. Works fine, as of July 2012.

Originally Posted by Olley View Post
What MS should do is create and release a Zune Music app for android and iOS and webOS. Then price it $9.99 a month with a free song or two they can download every week.
Coming with the new XBox Music, so they say. No word yet on features for other platforms other than streaming (and that is just a solid rumor from good sources). Supposedly, per MS, XBox Music has all the features of Zune Pass (meaning you can download for offline use). They confirmed Smart DJ will be in there. Also confirmed a 50% increase in library---from 20 to 30 million tracks. So they say.

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