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Originally Posted by nwithyman View Post
I had pretty well returned to my starting point and looked at the specs of the 'Zip' - it seems to be both well liked and within my budget; your reference to 'Rockbox' is also very interesting but did I read somewhere that it is still under development with a number of glitches still to be ironed out?
Rockbox is under continous development. The Clip Zip port is listed as unstable due the manual missing images and a couple of the plugins not being not being fully updated to work on the CZ. Day to day playback features work just fine for me.

With or without Rockbox the the Clip Zip should work well as an audiobook player. Any files you place in either the Podcast or the Audiobook folder bookmark when you stop using them. When you return you're offered the option to resume or restart the file.

Rockbox does offer several more options like multiple bookmarks per file and autoresume. However if all you need is a simple bookmark then resume function the stock firmware should work just fine.
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