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@Milkerman re: "You do know that this is the "Sticky: Rockbox: Clip Zip" thread, so who gives a **** about the OF in here"

I was simply replying to Jeanc's post. I wouldn't have thought that by me providing a helpful reply should have provoked this kind of reaction...

@WalkGood re: "find it interesting that some people just find Rockbox too complex"

I personally see advantages in using both the OF and Rockbox regularly.

I do not find Rockbox (or it's menus) complex at all and appreciate the full extent of it's settings. I also know the user manual inside and out.

I use the OF for my 70 ohm studio monitor headphones as I find EQ'ing extra bass in on the OF allows a little "compression" to take place and sounds 'nicer', despite forum members suspecting that this maybe a 'placebo' effect and that actually no compression is taking place.

Rockbox - I regularly use when I attach my Clip Zip as a source to my amp e.t.c for the cleanest of analogue audio signals (Zip-wise).

I hope that whoever reads my forum posts considers them to be honest and non-derogatory replies to others forum members.
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