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What I'm trying to say is that if you fiddle with the bass sliders in the OF EQ and crank them right to the top, you won't hear distortion, you'll hear weighty bass and by 'compression', I'm referring to the dynamic range of the sound signal being crunched to compensate for this.

If you compare the flat EQ of the OF and of rockbox, they're identical. However, when you heavily boost parts of the EQ in the OF, you can see shifts in the dynamic range... I guess I'm the only one that's taken the time to record and analyse the OF in different stages of EQ. I realise that this is a rockbox thread but hey, I'm sure that we can discuss comparisons.

I realise that the adjustment of EQ does not link to the adjustment of compression, this is obvious... however, the OF appears to link the two (in the software), possibly to avoid distortion - it is noted that you can really crank up the EQ in the OF without distortion...
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