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dfkt, amazing work, man.
That little font is brilliant, looks just perfect on the Clip's tiny screen. Can you please add cyrillic letters to it though?
I can't find a cyrillic font that small, not even as .ttf, and that's a pain. I'm Russian, I have to use ugly bigger fonts that don't even fucking fit in order to read my tags. I'd love to customize too but with 8px fonts it's pointless.
So if you can, update this font you're using por favor, that'd be very appreciated.
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Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
Having transparency over album art works (it needs the correct %VB and non-%VB viewports) - but one step further, having text over it as well, would need three layers, unfortunately. I managed basically the opposite of what I want - transparent shading over album art, but the text viewport cuts right through it (what I want is shading under the text, the rest fully visible):

How was this shading created? I can alternate black and blue/green pixels. However it's not dark enough white AA.
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