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Opening the saved playlist in foobar2000 will let you use it's File Operations component to copy the files to the location you want them. The default behavior is to display the files after the copy operation. When that happens you see the files in their new locations and can easily create a playlist with just those files.

Select the files in that display after the copy operation and save them as a .m3u8. If the files are all saved to a single memory you can make the save location anywhere on that memory. Rockbox will strip away any path designations in the playlist and the playlist should work.

If the files come from both memories I would use the root of the external drive as the save location. Due to recent changes to Rockbox a playlist saved there will reference files on both memories with no need for manual editing.

Amok Playlist Copy will do essentially the same thing. There's more on that here.

I prefer foobar2000 as I use it for the greatest majority of what I do with my music files but when I've tried Amok it's worked well. I haven't found that it gives me the range of options available in foobar2000 but the file copy and playlist creation have worked reliably.
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