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Question No drag 'n drop in MSC mode?

Sister and I both have e200 v1s we're trying to manage with Windows 7. We live in different states, so I'm coaching her long distance.

In MTP mode and using Explorer, we can see the PLAYLISTS (and MUSIC) folder and drag 'n drop PLA playlist files one-way from that location to anywhere on our PC, e.g., the Windows Desktop.

We can then edit the PLA using Notepad (file been ruled out). The first connundrum is that we cannot drag 'n drop the edited PLA back to the Sansa's PLAYLISTS folder in MTP mode (a quirk of my Fuze, too).

So we undock, switch our e200s to MSC mode and then reconnect. Now I can both examine my PLAYLISTS folder in Explorer, as well as drag 'n drop my edited PLA from the Windows Desktop to this location on the Sansa.

Sis cannot do this. Although other std. Sansa folders appear in Explorer, she doesn't have access to (cannot see) either its PLAYLISTS nor its MUSIC folders, thus she cannot perform the PLA drag 'n drop.

Any solutions? The only thing I can conjure up is that my e200 is running v1 .18 fw, while hers is running v1 .12 at the moment (after a resurrection from the dead procedure detailed in another thread). I'm holding off advising her to upgrade to .18, however, 1) feeling that this alone won't resolve her issues and 2) am wary given the excitement that ensued after she tried to upgrade her fw to .24 (the two .24 fw files are sitting in the folder named A on her player, incidentally... what's this all about?).
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Different firmware updates gave, and took away, different capabilities for the E200 series. You would have to dig up a changelog to find which one allowed the drag and drop you want.

Considering you'll need to update to whichever one has the capabilities you want the simplest thing to do would be to update to the .18 firmware and be done with it. That way you'll both be seeing the same folder structure.

As to the firmware copies in the "A" folder I *think* it should be safe to delete those. The actual firmware should reside on a hidden partition and deleting those *shouldn't* hurt anything.

The scare quotes are because I haven't dealt with a E200 in the OF in years. All that hide and seek with folders that hid themselves again after each boot got to be more than I was willing to deal with. You may want to do some more investigating before you tell her it's safe to delete that folder.
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