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Old 08-30-2012, 09:27 PM
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Originally Posted by cwy View Post
But is it really "bad"? You replied to me on another forum that losing 2% power an hour isn't bad, but it's not normal either. So what is the norm exactly? 1.7%? 1.5? 1.2? If buying a new battery would only give a fraction of a percentage of improvement then I wouldn't bother. I just find it simply amazing that my iPod Touch can be left idle for days, but this thing is so much worse in that department. My Touch was at 75% power this morning, 12 hours ago. Now it's still at 72%. Nowadays choosing the right electronics always involves a few rounds of "pick your poison". Here we have an overpriced $300 iPod Touch that comes with iOS and all its nuisances, versus a much cheaper Galaxy Player that leaks juices like a new-born baby with no diaper.
I dont know exactly what constitutes "bad". I do know however that I can have my 5.0 at lets say 90% at lets say 6am and at 6pm it might be at 85% at the very worst. As for the 4.0, I know that the batt doesnt last nearly as long as the 5 because my 4 year old son and also my wife have one. (they dont let them idle long enough to even find out) I would think that at worst the 4 should lose maybe 1% an hour. so I dont think 2% is so horrible but not exactly normal either. Can you return it to try another unit?

but I dont think
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