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Old 09-05-2012, 10:55 PM
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Originally Posted by marcel f View Post
I only use the wall charger. I found that the USB cable would never get to 100%, it also takes half the time with the wall unit!
I've just tested the standby time on my 5.0, over 24hours it only discharged 5% which surprised me (mainly as I can't leave it alone). I checked that apps had not turned on after 12 hours, RAM was showing as 22oMB free.
I still think that unless you do measured tests, it will always "seem" like it is discharging faster than it really is.

Have to say, unless the new 5.8 is a really low price, I'm not changing my 5.0! now got 64GB of memory, LOVE IT!

The wall charger, from my readings, gushes with power, transferring in the high 700s mA (I believe per cycle), while the USB starts from around 500 mA. But, since I like charging overnight, I prefer the USB connection to avoid overcharging the thing. Also, from what I understand, the USB connection also doesn't let the device overcharge.

Yah- I can't wait til either the 5.0 US gets a new kernel with swap support to increase RAM, or a working kernel for ICS (w/ working everything) for better memory management.
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