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Originally Posted by BruceBanner View Post
I agree with skip252 about learning curve with rockbox, at first i was like wtf is this, but somethings are worth persevering with and in this case this is one of those things.

I recently bought the iaudio 9, it was criticized for its awful UI (which it is bad and unintuitive), however i committed to learning its weird ways and now couldn't be happier (and make far far fewer mistakes when navigating).

Bottom line, some learning curves are worth the long lasting benefits, and in rockbox case this is definitely so. After all yer not just gaining greater file number recognition but a whole heap of other tweaks and uses not in stock firmware which enhance the listening experience.
Thanx for the tips, i guess it is worth to try. Although, anything i should put much attention to when changing the firmware? About 5000 files - where i am not sure if i will be able to stock more than 8000 files...But i am not sure how to calculate about the file paths as well, since i have a library-type of folders like (Music->Archive-> English->E->Eminem->Album 1999-> Song.mp3) i assume it would allow less with the usual OF ...but how much less? (does each folder in this case count as a file as well? or is it more complex).

About the tweaks, which ones are the sure shot for going to rockbox? (Just curious to see if indeed, i need to do it now) I'll read more on rockbox as well to get my own impression
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