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It was my long time understanding that the maker shouldn't make a difference. However since one of the Clip Zip firmware updates specifically addressed an incompatibility with certain cards, release notes here, it seems some cards can be treated differently.

My personal experience has been that the maker hasn't made a difference. I have cards from most makers and haven't seen a reliability or performance difference difference aside from the ones expected due to class rating. Whatever was fixed in that firmware update didn't make a difference to me. I never had any problems with cards from any maker. That includes everything from bulk packaged no names to sandisk branded cards.

BTW, class rating designates minimum speed. A card can read at a higher speed than the rating, it just cant read at a slower speed than it's class rating. I have several cards with no class rating printed on them. That means they're rated as class 2. Some of those read as fast as a class 6 card.
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