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Originally Posted by BruceBanner View Post
The tweaks i enjoy are as follows:

1) Greater SQ, having more indepth EQ band to fiddle, but more importantly a simple increase/decrease Bass and Treble feature.
2) The ability to create shortcuts, so that when at the Now Playing Screen can +/- Bass or Treble quickly without having to navigate heaps of sub menus
3) Loved having Crossfade, some find it gimicky but i like it.
4) The ability to +/- Balance, just pushing audio slightly more to one channel than the other usually resulted in me hearing the music more central.
5) Having control of the font size, this made for better browsing/navigation overall.
#2 sure sounds neat. But there is no player\firmware except ipod's that can search for a track by part of the name, artist, filename, is it? I did not seem to find this in the list of features of Rockbox.
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