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I don't think you've used the feature if you think it's hard to use. A alpha only search like the one you're thinking about would limit the current search tremendously. That letter on the side thing might be spiffy for the OF but it would cut back on what's possible in Rockbox.

With a custom keyboard and properly tagged files the current Database search function kicks the crap out of a alphabet based search. Partial strings by Artist, Album Artist, Artist, Title, Album by year, Filename, Score, User Rating and Comment all work. You don't need to type the complete search string.

The Database was recently reworked. Now you can easily select only the folders you want to scan. It's builds much quicker now. There were some other fixes put in around that time. I didn't find it very useful before. It's much better now.

I can't find it in the manual either. I just was checking the various menus at some time in the past and found it that way.
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