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Out the box I'd prefer a Sony. If you consider Rockbox my preference becomes the Clip Zip.

Sonys tend to be better in hardware quality than sandisk players. The firmware is also usually more stable and feature complete. Both of those are reflected in the better battery life, sound enhancements and overall stability.

The newer Sony players also have 5 bookmark lists that can be used as on the go playlists. If you're using Windows making playlists using your PC is a simple as it gets.

The only time I would see an amp as needed with Sony players would be if you wanted to use multi-armature with cross over headphones. Sonys tend to have relatively high output impedance that make that type headphone tend to hiss. Using an amp can help in that case.

With full size cans like the Sony V6 you've mentioned you have I don't believe you would need an amp. I don't have that particular model but I have other Sonys and don't find a need to make them any louder.

I notice the "(bk)" as part of the model designation you give. When I google the full model number the results come back from the EU. Is the one you have in mind from the EU? If it is it will be volume capped. Some find the volume to be too low, others have no problems with it.
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