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Models sold in the US aren't volume capped. Any Sony you get here should handle the Sony V6 just fine.

The two minor irritations I have with Sony players is that they don't make use of Replaygain tags or have gapless playback. I use foobar2000 to apply Replaygain values to a copy of my mp3 files before I transfer them to the player. That permanently alters the files themselves so any player will play them without the volume jumping around.

MP3Gain does essentially the same thing but writes tags that will losslessly reverse the process. MP3Gain works nicely but is much slower. Since any file I send to a player is on a one way trip I prefer doing it quickly with fb2k.

There's not much that can be done about the lack of gapless playback. The files usually play very close to gapless but there can be gaps that are just long enough to make me notice and think playback has stopped. Just when I reach for the player to check, the next file start to play. That doesn't happen much so I live with it.

The only alternative would be to use PCM (.wav) files. Those play without gaps but the size of the files and limited tagging options make using those out of the question for me.
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