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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
Either way works to charge the player. The way you post is how to be able to use the player normally while it's charging. If you connect without holding a button it establishes a full data\charge connection and you can transfer files and such but you can't listen to it.
I really did mean use it normally, not just play it. You can take your time changing things like the sound or theme settings without being concerned about having to charge it again after having the screen on for along time. Another of the ways is using it the way Marv says.

A Rockboxed Clip or Fuze sounds much better than my computer headphone jack. The integrated codec isn't bad but the headphone jack puts out noise from somewhere inside the computer. Whenever I do anything that uses the mouse there's a sewing machine type noise.

I use a USB sound card to get around that most of the time. However I've found a Rockboxed sansa on charge will feed my speakers or headphones just as well. The USB sound card works really well most of the time but if I don't use it in WASAPI exclusive mode there's still occasional clicks or pops. I don't get any of that using the player as it charges.
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