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Old 10-24-2012, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by dby2011 View Post
I have had a SGP 3.6 for a while now. I picked up a 64gb memory card thinking it would be a perfect player for in the car and I could put all my music on it (11,000 mp3s). I hate to say it but I have not found any music player that I was completely happy with on Android. The default Samsung player is slow and very sluggish with that many mp3s. The best I have found was the Amazon MP3 app and a Music Player by Pixi. Both of those handled all the scrolling with no lag. The Amazon has the best sound compared to the Pixi player but the Amazon app will only play mp3s. I tried Player pro and it was sluggish. Poweramp is good, but I read too many issues in regards to lisencing. I hate to post this here but I ended up picking up a 64gb Ipod Touch 4g from the Apple store refurbished. I know iTunes is a pain in the butt but for music the Touch is smooth as glass, louder and is much easier to navigate- no lag whatsoever and all album art is loaded immediately. On top of that iOS6 added the ability to list only album artists, which is a great option for me. Poweramp is supposed to add that later in version 3.0 but no one knows when that will be released. I wish my experiance was better with the SGP and Android- the ablity to drag and drop music is great but the music players blow when it comes to handling a large collection.
I'm kind of in the same boat. I bought the 4.0 because my GPS and mp3 player both died around the same time, and I figured one device to replace both would be ideal. A couple weeks ago I bought an ipod classic (my first Apple device) to replace it on music duty and have to say the quality is better (I use the same headphones I did with the SGP4, so that isn't a factor). Rather than use itunes, I have it sync with my Winamp library because I use that to play music on my computer anyway and have found I don't care that I can't drag/drop music. Actually it's easier than drag/drop because on my SGP I would have to make new folders--/music/artist/album--to keep everything organized, which isn't necessary syncing.

My SGP still gets used for music when I run because I use the GPS to track my time/distance, but it's mainly a dedicated GPS now. Also, from that I've noticed I get a little static when the GPS is on that isn't there when it's off. Does anyone else get that? I switched between Poweramp and PlayerPro to see if it was the program rather than the device, but it happens with both
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