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I'm sorry you are having these issues continue with your new device. This should not, and usually IS not, a problem at all. Must be very frustrated at this point.

I always operate in Mass Storage USB mode.
When I plug in my device into USB port of a computer, I get the android bot with message "USB connected. You have connected your device to your computer via USB. Select the button below if you want to copy files between your computer and your Android's USB storage."
The button, in gray, reads "Connect storage to PC"

After a few seconds, I get the orage bot with a big USB "hand"...and the message "USB storage in use/ Before disconnecting USB storage, eject android's USB storage from computer"

This is only for when you are done withoperations and you're going to remove the SGP from USB. similar to a flash drive, you want to make sure all files are done copying before disconnecting, and the best way is to select the "Eject USB" button on your computer. Lower right status tray on windows...usually a green arrow icon.

In the meantime, the windows dialog box should pop onto your computer screen:
"Do you want to scan and fix Removable Disc (E)?
I usually hit
"Continue without Scanning"

On some machines, I then get a windows dialog box that says something to the effect "What do you want to do:
Open files, etc (various options)"

On my work machine, for some reason, i do not usually get that dialog box to pop up and I have to go and get windows explorer and manually browse for the new drives. E, F, M...whatever, and open them up that way.

Sometimes I note that I get two separate drive letters. Sometimes, however, I will get only one. And then within that drive for the SGP, you will see "external_sd". This is the microSD card. I do no know why sometimes widnows gives me the two drives as separate and sometimes I get only the sGP and have to navigate to the "external-sd".

I wish you luck. This should be an extremely effortless process.
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