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Originally Posted by sgalbreath View Post
How do you take a screen shot with your 4.0? (I haven't been able to figure that out for my 5.0).
The launcher I use Go Locker EX... I like it... it's very customizable.
You should be able to press Home and Back buttons together to get a screenshot. You'll get a message telling you when it has worked, though it sometimes takes me a few attempts to get the combo timing right. You can also use "Screen Capture Shortcut Free" which you can activate from the notifications bar and can be set with a delay in case you can't use the Home+Back method within an app.

Meanwhile, here's mine (my two main screens anyway) No fancy launcher but I am using Multicon widget to shrink the icons down. As you can see, I haven't settled on one internet browser yet and still have a few different music players in a folder.

The main screen still needs some organizing to settle all the icons into Multicon and I'll probably drop the battery applications widgets to move the weather over to that screen. Damn, this is like showing someone your home and saying "excuse the mess, I've not had time to tidy"
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