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Ya....messed mine up too man.I don't have the "exact" player you have but heres what I did and maybe it"ll help.
1st-go into windows directory and make sure you have the Sony folder,2nd-hook up your walkman to computer,you should see the walkman in the directory,go ahead and click on the walkman to see all folders,if nothing is there....good,make sure you leave walkman hooked up.
3rd-go back to the Sony folder in directory,click the "+" sign in front of it,in there you'll see,Media Go folder,Playstation Network Downloader and some others,open Walkman Guide folder,the very next folder should be your exact player(mine was NWZ-E470)click that to open it,the very first folder under it should read Backup,open that up.Click right on that folder to highlight it.In there you should see a blue colored cube with a green arrow pointing downward.4th-click that then click open and it should start the install like it was going in for the first time.
Hope that works for you man,it did for me,giving it a shot.GOOD LUCK
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