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Originally Posted by saratoga View Post
If you remove the tags you will lose all info in the tags, so no title and artist.

But thats not what hes talking about. He said to remove all the extra tags that aren't needed (ID3v1, APE, etc). I doubt this really helps, but trimming extra crap out of the ID3v2 tags probably does, since it'll save a lot of time digging through files to parse them.
I want to pick up a clip zip tomorrow so in the meantime, I have all my music (around 17gb or so, mp3 and m4a mostly) selected on my 32gb microsd card (from my tablet), any way to have mp3tag remove the appropriate info from all the files at once?

I would rather not have to load each and every song one at a time.

Also, it would be nice to keep the id3v1 tags so it keeps proper compatibility with my android devices and power amp.

edit nevermind, dont mind the noob here.
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