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Originally Posted by Daniel644 View Post
how do you like the tab 2 7.0 compared to the 4.0 player? I think my sdcard slot is dieing and the preblackfriday sales have the tab 2 7" for like 180 in several places, so it in a possible budget to replace my 4.0

It is a very nice upgrade to the sgp 4.0 all my apps run much smoother especially games likely due to the dual core processor. It is much easier to type on and the internet performs much better on the tab. On the sgp4.0 if I had too many tabs open or was trying to view embedded flash video on a site the whole thing would sometimes come to a grinding halt and randomly reset to the samsung logo. On the tab I find that I don't have to kill background apps like I did on the SGP to avoid lockups and sluggishness GPS is much more reliable too.

Don't get me wrong the SGP is still the best bang for your buck in the android pmp market but I can also say the same thing about the tab 2 7.0 in the tablet market. Some may say the nexus 7 was the best bang for your buck but I can't stand being restricted to the internal memory of 8 15 or 32gb and no rear facing camera. I use the camera to take snapshots of the board in class so I remember things

Overall, yes I would definately recommend the tab 2 as an upgrade to the SGP if you are willing to put up with a bulkier device
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