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Originally Posted by mikee View Post
another thing i should note is it uses a proprietary usb cable and not micro usb like the sgp which bummed me out a little also you cannot charge by plugging into the computer as well as many other wall chargers I have I tried about 6 different ones I had lying around and none of them worked but the one that came with it. Just don't lose the cable or the charger and you should be good

I had issues with music that I sync to it over windows media player not having their id3 tags anymore once on the device they all just said <unknown> but I now sync with kies air over wifi and it keeps the file info. I have yet to find an alternative workaround for this issue but I can live with the kies air thing
All my current music is on my SD card already so no big deal on the transfer, and I good with the USB cable, thats no big deal, I prefer to use the original cable for every device, I still have the proprietary cable from my samsung P2 that my 4.0 replaced, whats the power output on the wall charger, 500mA, 750mA, 1000mA (1A) or larger? IIRC my bosses Ipad was like that and wouldn't charge from the computer.
Galaxy S 4.0 Wifi (USA)
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