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The UI on the i9 is the least intuitive of any I've used. It's the only player I've ever had where I actually had to print the manual and keep a copy with me for a few days to access the options I wanted in a reasonable period of time. There's option inside options, the graphics and icons don't make a lot of sense until you get used to them, there's places that look identical to one another and what you can do in one place can't be accessed the the other. It sometimes feels like it was designed by some type of madman that didn't really want you using the damn thing.

Now that I've said that I'll say I'm really glad I stuck with it. The touchpad is fast and responsive. The sound quality is as good as anything I've heard most of the time. There is some hiss with very sensitive, low impedance IEMs but nothing I find objectionable. The BBE effects can be overwhelming if you get them wrong but a little done the right way lets me know how Cowon got the reputation for sound it has. Volume matched against another good player I can't hear a difference but once I turn on the BBE effects it steps up in a way that really pleases my ears.

I think at least part of why the UI is as complex as it is results from there being so much stuffed into it that they had to assign different functions to different areas to be able to fit everything in using the limited controls. It reminds me of Rockbox in that way. A rockboxed sansa can do so much more than what was originally intended the keymap can be more than a bit confusing until you get used to the internal conventions used to allow you to access the functions you need.

I have no problems recommending one as long as you understand going in it probably won't be easy getting comfortable with the UI. If you're willing to do that I think you'll find it's an excellent player.

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