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Hi mdk1970,

Thanks for the reply dude. I was doing some digging around on info on the cowon X7 and found the alternative sense UI and heard that was much better to use than the default UI. I didn't know about the Leaf browser so thanks for the links to both of those ^^ Is the sense UI just an interface that works on top of the current firmware or is it a complete firmware package in itself? As in, is it worth updating the X7 to the latest official firmware and then installing the Sense UI or should I just install the Sense UI right from the get-go?

Thanks for the info on 64-bit operating systems too. I didn't think it would be a problem, but I just thought I'd make sure.

It's good to know that you've had it for that length of time and not had any problems with it. So, is the "bricked device when battery reaches 0%" a firmware issue? In other words, can this problem be avoided by installing unofficial firmware (like Sense if it is a firmware)? Or have you just been really careful not to let it reach 0% before recharging it?

I've just ordered mine from and should be arriving in a couple days time. I gotta say I'm pretty stoked haha.
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