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The issues you're describing have been posted by any number of people here and other places. USB works differently for some people for reasons no one has figured out. I don't consider USB stable on my Clip+ or Clip Zip but I'm sure not going to revert to an outdated build to cope with the minor problems you describe.

With both of them the first ever connection on any Windows machine always reports a failed driver installation and the player freezes. After I reset the player and connect again it connects reliably and transfers happen without problems.

I get the same attempt to install a driver when I connect in charge only mode. On my systems I get the option not to be notified of the failure any more once I select that I don't see the message again and the player charges and I can use it at the same time.

On a Linux machine the same failure happens on the very first connection. After that as long as the player is turned on it connects quickly and file transfer are reliable. Charge only mode doesn't cause any error messages.

This is what happens for me. I've read a number of different posts that say it happens differently for others. Since none of the things I've run into have caused disk problems or damaged my players in any other way I continue to use USB enabled builds. The convenience and improved features doesn't make using an outdated build an option I'll even consider.
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