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If that's what you prefer, then that's what you should continue to do. Each person uses Rockbox the way that suits them best. As there's parts of that don't work for you it's best to continue to use it the way you do.

I got tired of the "keep the internal memory full" silliness and moved on. That worked well enough before USB support was enabled. Once it was I was more than happy to leave that inconvenience behind. As I said, there's a couple of glitches during the initial connection but after that my USB connections are reliable. Transfers happen at the same speed as the OF and I don't get crashes.

Just the way the database works now makes me not want to deal with outdated builds. It's actually is usable now. There's any number of other features including keymap improvements, a better radio screen and playlist handling you'll be doing without but if that's what works best for, you go for it.

If there was popping in a song that I could reliably identify as being due to a updated build I'd file a bug report. The developers can't check problems they aren't aware exist. If they know about it they might find a solution that would enable me to continue using Rockbox the way I prefer.
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