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In the hopes that dfkt is still around, I just got a new Fuze v1 and installed your 3.11 custom patch over my existing 3.12 Rockbox version, but decompressing all files into the root of my Fuze, overwriing all files. It succeeded only partially. I've got SID playback in stereo, swap channels works, I only see Meier v1 and v2 but not v3 or v4, and can't get the FS009305 Context sensitive backlight on key press working. It is *extremely frustrating* and I don't know what I've screwed up! The option to set backlight off on volume change is set to ON. Why isn't it working? Backlight still comes on when I change volume while playing a song.

Also, I see a very useful addition to FS009305 posted on 23 June 2012 by Vladyslav Shtabovenko with a 6-line patch to the original code which enables backlight off when going forward or back to the next track.

I'm wondering if you would help a poor, frustrated soul out and either update your builds to 3.12 with the added 6-line patch to FS#009305, or explain what I've been doing wrong and how I might get the backlight function to work properly.

I've spent 2+ hours trying to figure it out, to no avail! Thank you!
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