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Default Rockboxing updating


I was wondering when you update a new build of Rockbox does it wipe all your music/playlists that are on the internal memory ?
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No. A rockbox update is very clean. The only thing that gets updated is the Rockbox build itself. Your music files, playlists, settings, EQs, all of it, remains the same.

If you want to test that for yourself just create a copy of the .rockbox folder and store it anywhere else besides the root of your player. A folder on the player will do but copying it to your PC also works. Then update either using the automated installer or by extracting a copy of the build you want to use.

If you don't like the new build either delete it or overwrite it with the saved copy of the .rockbox folder. Everything will be right back where you started.
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Brilliant, thanks for that Skip. When my new 64gig card arrives i think i will also put the latest build for my Fuze mine is 3.11.2, is that old ??? Unfortunately the battery is not as good and I really hope Sansa come up with something comparable soon unlike that rubbish Fuze+, wouldn't it be nice if we got an exact replica of the Fuze with a removable battery, but improved sound etc
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