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Default Playlist that works on every Device

My new USB car stereo and boombox does not support a Playlist. (the boombox does support MixTrax).

I wrote a script that uses a M3U file to create a directory (on the computer), copies the MP3's listed in the M3U to the directory and adds a sequential number to the MP3's filename so that the device will play them in order.

Now my Clip+, ClipZ, JVC car stereo and boombox use the same Playlist.

Are there other playlist creators that work like this?

Should I release it? It's a txt file that runs on
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Yes, there's other software that are capable of most of this. As long as the original directory exists the rest of what you say this does is common. Some of the others are playlist creators, some music library managers. Amok Playlist Copy does something close to this natively. A decent music library manager can transfer and rename files this way when setup properly.

If you use
as part of a copy or move operation using foobar2000 it will sequentially number the files as it moves the files. Save it as a preset and you can perform the same action each time you want to move files to a drive.

Providing more details would be helpful. How is the playlist named if there are only files sent and a folder created? Is the folder found and then played by the device?
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It's a homeblew program. There's not much of a user interface.
The program, the M3U inputfiles, and the output folder is all located in a parent folder located on the computer.

There is a menu to selects M3U file.
Then program will creates a folder using the M3U filename (minus .ext)
Next it copy the files listed in the M3U and adds sequential number to the MP3's filename. (ex. happybirthay.mp3 -> 001 happybirthday.mp3)

Then the folder can be dragged and dropped to a memory device/s connected to the USB port.
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It does the same thing as "Amok Playlist Copy"

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