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Originally Posted by FreeZ5 View Post
IMO, the Clip Zip is better than the original Sansa Fuze.
With the Zip's quirky firmware and abominable screen display, I have a different opinion and think the original Fuze is preferrable. Yes, it is slightly larger in physical size and doesn't have a clip or way of attaching it to your clothing, but there are many cases on the market (or at least there used to be) that will make up for that.

Battery life/play time is much longer with the larger battery inside the Fuze, and the screen size is of a size and clarity that you can watch videos and/or movies on it if you want to.

The only fault I personally can find with the Fuze is that the headphone plugs into the bottom of the unit, but others may not be bothered by this. Some don't care for the scroll wheel as pocket lint and schmutz can work it's way inside and potentially cause problems, but with knowledge of it and common sense care this can be kept to a minimum.

Others also prefer the dedicated rocker volume switch on the side of the Clips over the scroll wheel on the Fuze. Having started with the e200 series, I actually prefer the scroll wheel, but everyone has different tastes and preferences.
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