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Originally Posted by FreeZ5 View Post
You're right I prefer the dedicated volume rocker.
Nothing wrong with that. Soem guys put their pants on right-leg first, and some do left-leg first.

Originally Posted by FreeZ5 View Post
Also, the screen display of the Clip doesn't bother me. Sure it would be nice if it was better, but I don't look at it very much.
Granted, if you're mainly concerned with the sound coming out and don't use the screen except for basic navigation, the Zip's screen is adequate. However, if you really like seeing the album art, the larger and clearer screen of the Fuze really excels. Plus, as I mentioned there are people who want a 'combo' player that will also play video. The Fuze is really good at this.

Getting back to the original question of which is 'better', I think it boils down to what one's needs, desires and/or expectations of the product is. The Fuze isn't necessarily better than the Zip, and the Zip isn't necessarily better than the Fuze. They are different models, each with their own uniqueness and strengths, or advantages. Choosing the one that fits your needs and wants the best is the "better" player for you.
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