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Welcome to ABi

Could you share your settings in MM? I've never been able to get MediaMonkey to send a .m3u playlist to a device that was connected in MTP. I'm wondering if that has changed with Win8. The MediaMonkey changelog shows 4.07.1511 as a fix for Win8 and several Android devices so I'm wondering if there may still be some issues.

Which S model was it? There's changes to some Sony models that don't allow them to handle protected content any more so if it's one of the newest models that may be an issue for the future.

Was MM seeing the player as a drive or a MTP device? Had Win 8 installed the drivers needed for the Sony to be seen as a MTP device? If those weren't installed then it seems possible MM would have seen the Sony as a drive and sent a .m3u instead of the .pla format Sonys have used in the past.

BTW, I've changed your thread title to something that will be searchable for the next person that might be looking for help with this. "playlist sync" wouldn't have been much help to them.
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