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No EQ! Blasphemy! Heresy! Or maybe just listening to what your ears and experience tell you?

I tweak all my headphones some. Some more than others of course. I've found if I spend a little time and get them balanced to my ears they all benefit. The opposite ends of the scale for me with my portable headphones are the PortaPro and the MEElec HT-21. I've find the PortaPro really decent untouched or with just dialing down the bass frequencies a hair. The HT-21 needed some serious work.

Almost gave up on them until I found they're one of the few headphones I've encountered that can take a heavy bass boost before they distort. Once I tried that they really livened up. I'll be the first to say they're probably not for everyone but after I figured out what they were about they've made a nice addition to the rotation.

Is that a V1 or V2 E280? I got rid of my V2s a good while back due to the shorter battery life. Heck, I was getting better runtime out of a Clip+. Great sound adjustments and all the other RB advantages but I had the chance to get a decent price for them or give them to some folks that would actually use them so they went away.
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