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Welcome to ABi

No idea what's wrong. You haven't said what you've done except you've uploaded something to somewhere. If you would like for someone to try and help they'll need more than that.

The two most common installation mistakes I see are not designating the correct drive for the installation and placing the unpatched firmware on the player. If you don't tell the automated installer the correct drive for the root of the player the patched firmware usually winds up at the root of the C: drive. If you place the unpatched firmware on the player the firmware updates to that instead of the patched Rockbox firmware.

I usually place the unpatched firmware somewhere like my desktop so it's easy to find when the installer calls for it. After I point it out to the installer it does the patching and places the patched firmware on the player with no further action needed from me.

I'd check those possible problems first. If it's neither of those then I'd post a detailed description of what you're doing that isn't working.

You'll also want to read the manual at least through Browsing and Playing. You'll see there that the recommended installation procedure is the automated installer. That way you won't have to rely on what you read online.
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