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I used to have an issue similar to this with my sgp 4.0 it would just randomly drop the connection even if I am less than 10 feet from my router however I shortly after discovered it worked fine on a public hot spot with no discnnnects and had very good reception considering I was a good distance away from the building the wifi was in. I originally had a belkin wifi router which i used when the device had the wifi problems but upgraded to a netgear router and have not had connection issues with my sgp4.0 since then. I tried connecting to several other networks on campus which I knew had belkin routers similar to mine and the problem occurred so I jumped to the conclusion it was because of my old belkin router. I can't seem to come up with a better explanation for the issue. Basucally a good thing to do is take it to different hotspots and see if you have issues with them because it may be a router issue
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