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Originally Posted by Eloi666 View Post
I was in Williston, VT this weekend and one of the associates at the BestBuy said that the 3 Samsung Galaxy Players (3.6, 4.2 and 5.0) were already discontinued, that BestBuy won't carry them anymore. They didn't have any in stock of course. I'm from Canada and bought the 4.2 last August from a US online store. I really love this little machine. I was wondering why the Galaxy Players were not yet available in Canada and now I learn that they're no longer made. What happened? Were they a commercial failure? Maybe to release 3 different models at the same time was a mistake? They could have just pushed one (most likely the 4.2) vs the iPod Touch. I mean, if there still a market for the iPod Touch, they're should be one for the Galaxy Player 4.2, which is cheaper and better IMO.

Anyone knows if it's true that they're discontinued? In any ways, I searched online stores and lots of them show "unavailable".

I was hoping to get an update soon to maybe have the latest Android version on my 4.2. I think I'd better forget that now...
I just checked amazon and it does look like they did discontinue all the galaxy player models D;
Amazon is no longer offering them. It is only available from third party sellers. From my experience when this happens it usually means that the product is usually discontinued. Which is really unfortunate because I was hoping that Samsung would release new galaxy players at this weeks MWC 2013 or maybe IFA. But from the looks of it they are not planning to.
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