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It is not that people have moved on (at least I don't think so) - it is just that all have a setup that works for them by know, and noone thinks a new firmware will be released, no no need to speculate / dream about all the new features that would be nice anymore :-))

I really don't find it hard to reproduce the settings required for the T10 - after all the required parameters have been laid out in detail in previous posts - it boils down to not using B frames and mp3 audio when using xvid. Put it into an avi and then rename to svi - no black magic.

I personally hate those "magic box" programs that claim to convert everything - I personally run the encoder manually with the parameters I want, and not with whatever settings a program wants. If I for example already have mp3 audio, I don't want it to reencode the audio again, stuff like that that at least first generations of those programs always ignored.
In similar terms, the given duration is irrelevant without comparing the actual quality of the encode in both visual quality as well as in compression ratio.
Also your first two examples did convert 25fps to 30fps - a complete waste of bits.

And creating svi is not a requirement, as this is just really avi renamed to svi - so anything that lets you configure xvid's encoding settings wrt b-frames will do the trick. Just let it output avi and then manually rename to svi. Samsung's "invention" is limited to a new extension and strict limitations on what encoding features to use (no b frames).

But I guess you're right - more and more people have smartphones with large screens - so why bother with converting your video to a 320x240 screen, when you can watch the original, unconverted one on your phone...
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