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Originally Posted by pybcu View Post
It is not that people have moved on (at least I don't think so) - it is just that all have a setup that works for them by know, and noone thinks a new firmware will be released, no no need to speculate / dream about all the new features that would be nice anymore :-))
That's obviously your case: you hadn't posted here since 2009. Fortunately we have some more regular and loyal members otherwise ABI would have shut down since then. But I don't want to make you feel guilty
You and all other T10 users should still come here regularly as you never know what can happen. See what's going on with Rockbox on YP-R0, YP-R1 and YP-Z5 while these models have been discontinued for a while.
Maybe one day Rockbox will be ported to T10 but you all will miss it because of that

That being said, I still believe most users have moved on. I know there are some T10 lovers here but objectively it is an average player with touchpad, that's not a dream device you would use for years like the Cowon X5 for instance.
I would speculate most users bought the T10 in 2007-2008 and then used it for 1-2 years and then they bought a smartphone
I'm French^^ *GenerationMP3 Samsung Moderator*

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