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Old 03-02-2013, 10:02 AM
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If I were equalizing to a sound effect I might share your concern. I'm leveling the volume differences between the frequencies so that each frequency being presented at an equal volume becomes normal for me. There's no boredom effect that causes me to want to raise the volume to recapture my interest or make it sound better.

Increasing the overall volume can't raise or lower particular frequencies to fit my personal loudness curve so the louder sounds better illusion only works for me for a short period of time. Properly equalized headphones never get boring so I don't feel any raise the volume. Once I set them to an appropriate volume I have no need to boost them again. The parts of the music some feel is missing is properly presented for me so that I'm not tempted to boost the overall volume looking for more bass, treble or mids.
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