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Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
That's obviously your case: you hadn't posted here since 2009. Fortunately we have some more regular and loyal members otherwise ABI would have shut down since then.
If the site was only about the T10, then sure, but I wouldn't feel bad about it even then :-) after all there is no knews to be expected. It does what it should do and does that really nice.
And I don't need rockbox or anything similar - what the T10 firmware should have added is a timer/alarm and an option to turnoff the shutdown sound in sleepmode :-) And be less picky about aac, but that only affects stuff I didn't create myself, so I blame buggy encoders.

That being said, I still believe most users have moved on. I know there are some T10 lovers here but objectively it is an average player with touchpad, that's not a dream device you would use for years like the Cowon X5 for instance.
Very strange that you cite the Cowon X5 as superior example. I can see myself using the T10 for another 5 years (or as long as the device itself still works), but I very very likely would have sold a Cowon X5 if I had owned one. Too bulky, too heavy, laughable screen resolution, no sane navigation and the like. For a device like that, you really need another firmware to run it. The big capacity isn't really worth it, if the battery doesn't last long enough to listen to it. If I have to plug the device in for some juice, I could also put new files on it - but even with only 4GB of storage in my player, I don't find myself replacing the set of songs everytime I recharge it. Only plus would be the good audio quality - but that is so subjective matter, and when people say "I heard a difference with my 600$ headphones" this is missing the point. I want a portable player to be on the road, not to enjoy music in my living room. I also don't have so much cash that I would be comfortable cramming such pricey headphones into my pockets or bags (not to mention that most of those headphones are big and cannot be put into your pockets anyway). The T10 is superior audio quality to ipods and other players I compared it to with the stock headphones that come with the devices, and that is what really counts for me. (and I only tried ipods for reference, I never considered getting one of those and be locked in to iTunes or similar). Cowon X5 wasn't in the list of players I checked out, but I would not have considered it anyway because of the size and price at that time.

I would speculate most users bought the T10 in 2007-2008 and then used it for 1-2 years and then they bought a smartphone
While many surely have bought a smartphone, my guess is that more would now let their bulky Cowon at home, than the trusty and tiny T10 :-P - at least that is what I would have done.
After all, I can use bluetooth to hook them both up, so I don't have to take off headphones when answering a call and dig out the phone from the pocket. It is a good accessory that blends in very nicely. Even if not used, it doesn't add weight or bulk, and that is so great about it. Yes, I do love my T10 :-)
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