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Originally Posted by mamamia88 View Post
Well I think your best bet would be one of the Galaxy Players line since it's android and has a tone of text editors. Or a rockboxed player since those are the only non android players I know with text editors.
Thanks, the Galaxy S Wifi 3.65/4.2 (the second one have a better CPU but is bigger... and I don't know if I really need a CPU bost for an MP3 player) looks like having everything that I need (the only downside is that they are probably a little too big).

I have heard that Cowon is a good trademark in this field, and they offer a device in my price range called C2 that looks good to me (MicroSD support, small, FLAC support - forgot to say that -, and lyrics support). How is this model, and how it compares with the Galaxy players?
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