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Hello everyone. This is my first post and after following for a long time, finally I decided to register and add some comments. @lebellium thank you for the very detailed information on the device. I've been reading this topic for a week and finally bought my U7!

After finishing writing, I realized that it's been a long comment so I numbered my scattered thougts

Three years ago I also had a U5, it was a really nice slick mp3 player but unfortunately I lost it. When it comes to comparing U7 with U5 (or U6 which I don't own) I think it's really disappointing to see that it still has only 4 GB memory and no SD support. Omiting the recorder is another thing which I don't understand the reasoning behind it. However, as for the price it's definitely cheaper than U6, I bought U7 for €40 and U6 was €60!

However, when I compare it with my lost U5, I didn't like the sound quality. What's your user-defined EQ settings? Can you give a screenshot? About the radio, I hope they'll add the RDS with a firmware update but I'm not expecting it as I think it's not included in the hardware.

Those who haven't updated the firmware can download from Samsung's Korean webpage - second link which says "펌웨어". (I couldn't see the link and maybe it'd be useful for everybody). However, as you said the version is 1.01, not 1.03.

The changelog (Google-translated from Korean-Samsung):
- Ear safety standards applied (changed?)

In the previous version, there was a warning after volume level 28 as regards to listening in high volumes. Now, it's shown in volume level 20 with a different text. I hope there'll be more with the new updates.

I think it's not fun to see those popcons running in the screen. They're eating the space for the song name and it's a pity there's no option to disable. However, you may be able to remove them from the screen and let the song names take that space by activating the study mode. I know it's not a perfect hack and there is "▴SKIP▾A↕B" text under the song name but I think it's a good way to disable the Popcons and you can still change the song with right and left arrow, you just can't change the volume level.

5. I know it's really hard work BUT isn't there anybody who can extract the .ROM file and make changes?

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