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Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
I use high-end IEM Westone UM3x with flat sound on all my devices. Generally speaking I don't like EQ and sound effects and particularly I don't like this "light" version of SoundAlive effects which is still worse than U5's DNSe 3.0 Core. I just took my U5 and U7 and compared again: flat sound is good and very similar on both devices. User EQ is very different though, although they both feature the same 7 bands frequencies: the problem on U5 is that it is partially inefficient: changing the 60Hz has almost no effect. I reported it to Samsung at the time but they did not improve that with a firmware. The U7 it's the reverse: the user EQ is a bit too efficient, almost caricatural.
In the end, I can only advise you to buy high quality IEM or headphones with the sound signature you like and to use flat sound.
It's quite satisfactory information about sound quality.

The FM tuner supports RDS (it's a SI4709) but they won't add RDS because the FM radio is not supposed to be enabled in Europe.
Yes the radio feature isn't supposed to be working in Europe; however, isn't there a possibility for the Korean version? Excuse me I don't know whether there is RDS in Korea or not but if there's, then there is a "maybe".

Firmware download links and changelogs are always here:
Sorry about that, didn't realize it.

Don't expect new or improved features. Firmware updates are only meant to fix bugs. Like on the YP-U5 BTW. But at the time of the U5 Samsung released new firmwares when I reported bugs to the R&D. Now they don't care anymore and don't even reply to me... There is an issue with SPL playlists (only files at the root of Music directory are read) and I'm not even sure it will be fixed because of that.
You're right, and even though I say there may be an update for RDS for example, I don't believe either, it's just a wish I think Samsung is too lazy in terms of customer satisfaction, they release a product, they sell it and that's it. Anyway, despite all it's a decent mp3 player in general.
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