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Originally Posted by Kizune View Post
(Originally posted by one of the members on


I found this on a Russian website (original source | translated):

Media Player Cowon D20, updated version of the D2 +, goes on sale

Korean company Cowon released in March, the updated model of media player D2 +, dubbed D20. This device has not only improved the processor, but also has a more powerful battery, which can play video 13 hours, and the music - 90 hours.

More Details:
Key Features:

Memory: up to 32 GB + SD / SDHC (up to 32GB)
Display: 2.5 "touchscreen TFT, QVGA
Formats: audio, video, graphics, text
Sound power: 29 mW + 29 mW

Device Settings:

Weight: 86 g
Dimensions: 78 x 55,4 x 16,6 mm
Power: Li-polymer battery
Opening hours: audio - up to 90 hours, video - up to 13 hours

The big difference (to me) is the lower sound power. The D2 and D2+ had 37mW + 37mW, and this "new" D20 has only 29mW + 29mW. I loved my D2 and I love my D2+ just for its power sound.
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Welcome to ABi.

The posted "power" ratings tend to be more fiction than anything I'd use to make a buying decision. For more on that you may want to do some reading here You may be surprised at what the D2 actually puts out relative to other players that have different power specs posted.

BTW, please don't full quote graphics the way you just have unless it's relevant to your post. If all you wanted was to discuss the power rating you could just quote that and no one would have to scroll past pictures they've already seen.
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Found a site that seems to have the D20 for sale. Kinda pricey it seems. Here's the link.

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Default is a legitimate site.
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