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Default Assigning Key functions when i9 is 'locked'

Hi. I bought a Cowon i9 about 2 weeks ago and am really pleased with it. However, I like to be able to adjust the volume level and skip between songs when the device is 'locked' and in my pocket. I know that you can go into settings and assign different functions to the volume rocker key as follows when the device is locked:
"use buttons FF/REW"
"use buttons for volume control"
"use buttons sectional repeat"

As far as I can see it is only possible to assign the volume rocker key to either adjust volume or skip between tracks at any one time.
Is there a work around that would allow me to adjust the volume and skip between songs at the same time when my i9 is locked and in my pocket?
Thanks in advance.
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I believe what you've found is all you'll be able get. There's no workaround I've ever found for the limited key mapping Cowon provides on my i9. I use that setting as a volume control and learned how to unlock the player and skip songs blind if I need to. It took some practice to not put it into A/B mode but now I've got the sequence down it's not too bad.

YMMV of course.
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Hi Skip and thanks for your prompt answer. Your suggestion is a work around of sorts and I've already started to get the hang of it. Ironically, it works best with touchpad sensitivity set to maximum. It's a shame though as things were a lot easier with my (late) Sansa Clip and my initial reason for ditching a 'touch screen' media player was it's lack of tactile controls.
Thanks again,
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The other alternative would be to set my i9 'lock' mode so that the volume rocker advances/repeats tracks. Then connect my fiio E06 up to the player and use it's volume control.
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I have my player in lock mostly with +/- set to skip tracks etc, if i want to adjust volume i unlock it, adjust volume, and relock it, all done blind in pocket etc, just takes practice.

Might I point you to Mp3gain. Use this program on the music that resides in yer i9, it will set all tracks to play at the same volume thereby reducing yer need to adjust volume from artist to artist, year to year etc.
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