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Volume on my SGP5.0 is pretty decent. Netflix is fine with volume 20-30. If I am outside, that's another story. Sound is dispersed and much more volume is needed.

I really would not put more volume into my earbuds (Klipsh S4)-30 is WAY too loud! I'm not a classical purist wither; I've got a bunch of Zappa, Zep, Aerosmith, Floyd as well as a lot of blues, indie, jazz and classical. I've been to may shows and sat near the stacks in the 70's and 80's...With my 5.0, Never felt like I needed to get more volume. My ears would be wrecked! And if you're going into a PA, stereo or another amplifier, setting the output to somewhere between 20-30 drives most amps front ends just fine.

I have not used anything other than the stock music player but it seems fine. I do notice that compared to my fuze version 1 the sound is more flat, without the same presence or detail. But of course this is stuff that you only really notice when A-B'ing side by side. And after all, we're talking about mp3 files here for the most part, which obviously degrade sq.

And absolutely no hiss for me into my S4's with volume at 30.
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Alright ABI peeps!

I'd like to thank all of you crazy audiophiles (I am a budding one myself) for your very helpful forum. Was hooked on iPods for the past 6 years and have sworn by them but I feel it's time to move on. Went through 3 iPods last year - their built quality is deteriorating rapidly and I cannot ignore this however much I love the UI.

Having read through this entire discussion, I've come to the conclusion that the Galaxy 4.0 with the Steve Voodoo kernel is the way to go for me. I did consider Cowon but I cannot get it easily in my area and WiFi is a welcome feature.

What do you think of this conclusion? Should I look into other players - perhaps Sony?

I'd appreciate someone's 2 cents.

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@BoggyB: As a prior Cowon owner (best sounding mp3 players you can buy), I too was worried over the fact that going from a best sounding player to something else might cause me to be disappointed in the fact of losing something extremely special. The Samsung Galaxy Players with the same wolfson dac as Cowon devices are the ones to grab - preferably the 4.0 and 4.2. Despite the better screen size on the 5.0, the yamaha dac inside that is not as great as a wolfson.

Luckily for me, I have friends at Best Buy, they allowed me to load my music on each player (5 of my favorite songs). After testing, I'll come out and say beforehand that the yamaha (5.0) sounds just fine with music but does not have the sharp clarity and added oomph of bass the wolfson (4.0/4.2) provides. Paired with poweramp or voodoo (or even added Equalizer) improves the sound ten fold - so just because the player is not super expensive, it does not equal to a bad sounding player.

The Samasung Galaxy Player 4.0/4.2 sound extremely great with those above pairings actually, pop in a good headset with good quality bitrate songs and I'm sure you'll come to a happy medium for your ears. I and many others here have, a 8gb Samsung Galaxy Player w/ expandable memory up to 64gb (yep, it accepts the 64gb SDXC [formatted]) and Android freedom not provided by "those other guys" will open your eyes to what you have been missing my friend. If you grab one, you won't be disappointed. If you grab one, well... welcome to the family !
Prior MP3 Player | Cowon J3 32gb w/ 32gb Memory Stick
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Accessaries | Yuin PK1 150ohm Earbuds w/ Fiio E5 Portable Amp
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Thanks for your comment man, I've ordered my 4.0 and will edit this post with my review once I get it. Can't wait!

OK people. I've just gotten around to testing my 4.0 more extensively and here's my short review:

Excellent. Keep in mind though that all the MP3 players I've owned were iPods, most recently the iTouch 2g. Sound quality was not impressive before flashing the SteveS kernel, but has improved audibly since then. The stock music player is ok, but the equalizer is quite poor. Poweramp is of course better.

A VERY interesting note however! Before I flashed the hacked kernel, I tried out Poweramp and was impressed by the quality of the equalizer however, the battery drainage was a big turn-off for me. The app would use upto 45% of the CPU according to the task manager and on average used 25%. BUT! When I flashed SteveS kernel and installed Voodoo sound, the CPU usage never went above 9% and usually stayed at 7.5%!! This is great. Consequently, the battery life when using either music player is improved with Voodoo sound.

Pretty damn happy with this purchase.

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Default Big fat bump

Come on people, this thread deserves a bump. Still so happy with my 4.0 that I came back to this forum. Took the time to tweak my Poweramp equalizer to mimic the iPod Treble Reducer setting and now it sounds like my old iPods used to, but richer and deeper... It's great. Loving this thing.

Make sure to set your buffer size to the max - 10mb. Sometimes - very rarely - but sometimes the songs can start stuttering on low battery if the buffer size is not big enough.
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Well I have the 5.0 and not sure if this buffer size you mention is a setting in the player or has to be done when you are putting your music on your computer? please explain
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I haven't farted around with any software changes on the two SGP 4.0's that my wife and I bought, but the Klipsch S4A earphones were a big improvement. I never used the Samsung earphones (but did try my wife's), and went right to the Klipsch. My wife thought I was crazy to spend so much, but then she tried them. She declared, "I NEED THESE!", and we bought a set from amazon for $60. I looked at a few sites that mentioned Klipsch products are widely counterfeited, and also sold by dealers that aren't authorized (no warranty). I called Klipsch, and they walked me through the telltale signs of counterfeit Klipsch S4's*, and told me that the amazon dealer was authorized.

I did use some cheaper Sony earphones on the SGP 4.0, and the SoundAlive settings didn't do a whole lot. With the Klipsch, the SA settings are still fairly worthless, but the "Concert" setting is now very good. The user custom settings work well with any phones.

*The Klipsch logo rubs off within a week; there's a seam along the side of the jack; the jack is L shaped; the box is missing the "CE" etc markings on the bottom; the metal security strip on the plastic packaging is absent.
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Is the sound quality on a Samsung Galaxy as good as a Cowon player ?
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Originally Posted by Alan2012 View Post
Is the sound quality on a Samsung Galaxy as good as a Cowon player ?
It's better. But only if you use Sound Alive present in Froyo.
You do not need anything more. No Tweak, engine, or player or equalizer.
If your system is GB then you have to test possibilities. Originally my Player 5 came with Froyo. I did update to GB but after testing all possibilities to make the sound like what I have in Froyo, I gave up.

EQ and effects in GB and even other players and equalizers, engines, mods, third party never arrived to the sound of the Stock Froyo.
I tested everything until I get tired and comply with Froyo, but very happy with the sound.

Remember that to see media, browsing and other things, Froyo makes no problems. So it's not big loss leaving GB.

I went back to Froyo and say that the EQ and effects Stock make the sound as good or better as any good player.
And until today I did not understand why Samsung can not make a sound in GB perfect as it did in Froyo.

But as what most i use the Galaxy Player is listening to music, then I do not mind staying on Froyo.

It seems to me that in some countries, including USA, Player 5 came with GB.
So they never knew the sound of the Sound Alive in Froyo.

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