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Old 04-15-2013, 07:35 PM
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A LAME encoder comes as part of fre:ac. If you go with the fre:ac Snapshot package you can also add the LAME command line encoder by placing a copy of lame.exe in the fre:ac folder <codecs\cmdline>. It shows up then as the LAME command line encoder. That feature is one of the reasons I keep a copy of the snapshot handy.

The fre:ac snapshot even has an option to manually set your CD drive read offset. When I do that my lossless rips get AccurateRip verification when I check them in foobar2000. Not bad for a little known ripper that never seems to get mentioned when the subject of ripping comes up.

With MusicBee you have to supply a copy of LAME . There's directions on where to place the lame.exe if you check the MusicBee site and inside the program. It's fairly easy, just drop it in the Codec folder where MusicBee is installed and you're all set.

I say installed but if you prefer there's portable versions of foobar2000, fre:ac and MusicBee. They're all fully functional except for adding items to the right click context menus in Windows. I prefer those as I tend to install and uninstall a lot of software. Using portable versions of them keeps my registry cleaner and avoids possible problems.

I doubt that any of these would cause a problem. I haven't had a problem caused by any of them I listed here in either the portable or fully installed version. I just bring that up to let anyone that might use portable software that a portable option is available.

The dBpoweramp trial has all features enabled but you have to download the licensed encoders from their Codec Central. After the 21 day trial the downloaded Codecs stop working. You can buy a license and they'll reactivate if you haven't uninstalled. If there's a new codec that becomes available the license also covers that.

The mp3 codec supplied with MediaMonkey is time limited but easy to replace. There's even directions on how to do it in the MediaMonkey Wiki. They don't mind if you have are able to encode to mp3 using LAME. It's just that they don't include it as part of the free package.
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